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Rick Steves, 60
#1 Europe Travel Guru

TV, radio host. Syndicated columnist. Author of 50 travel guidebooks on Europe. Producer of Travel & Adventure Trade Shows

There is no bigger, well known celebrity in the travel industry than Rick Steves. You see him everywhere. On TV and radio. At trade shows. In print and online.

In 1976, he started “Europe Through the Back Door” as a one-man business. Today, his 100 employee company takes 20,000 travelers to Europe annually.

“I measure my profit not on dollars earned but on trips impacted.”

80 percent of his customers are boomers and seniors. “I’ve been taught age only matters if you’re a cheese and it’s never too late to have a happy childhood,” Rick said.

What is the one item to never leave home without?

“Noise-reduction headphones. They help dull the hum of airplanes and chatty seatmates. I also use them on buses, trains, and in a hotel, if unusually noisy.” Read More

Must Read

“Tips for Travelers”

By Don Mankin, Adventure Geezer

1. Before you go, get a realistic preview of the challenges.
Ask the tour operators for details or names and contact information for former clients who have already taken the trip. This information is critical to help you make an informed decision about whether to take the trip, and if so, how best to prepare for it.

2. Bring earplugs and a headlamp
These two unlikely items could very well be the difference between nights of misery and a transcendent travel experience.

3. Write a story when you get home
Share your stories with others such as your children, grandkids and friends.

It’s also a good way to relive the trip and bring back the memories.

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Must Read

“Traveling Light…Financially”

By Evelyn Preston

Q: To avoid costly surprises before foreign travel, how else can travelers plan ahead?

A: Travel deals from credit card “extras” to airline/hotel reward programs help save money. Research rental car coverage, bank/card spending limits, foreign fees or personal loss and cancellation procedures.

Extra peace of mind can be purchased with a comfortable money belt! Plan ahead for possible setbacks along with sightseeing. Have fun but “be prepared” for the unexpected. Read More

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