"Who Needs A Hug?"

By Marcia Byalick

I've shaken hands hundreds of times in my life but I've given thousands of hugs.

Lately I've been dreaming about them. Hello hugs. Goodbye hugs. Making-up hugs. Congratulatory hugs. Gratitude hugs. And no-reason-at-all hugs.

Joni Mitchell had it right when she sang, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?"

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"How I Stay Fit At 55"
--Saili Gosula

Age: 55
BA in Math and Computer Science, MS in Computer Science
Occupation: Business Owner of Active In-Home Therapy

Residence: Redwood Shores, CA

Q: You have been working hard for some time to get back into shape. What motivates you?

I've always been an exerciser. I love it and rarely go a day without exercising. But as I grew older, my body changed in ways I did not like and my regular routine was not enough.

I wanted more time to exercise and
I wanted to exercise harder. I wanted to see results.


"Discover A Serene Sojourn On San Juan Island"
--Don Mankin, The Adventure Geezer

I sat motionless in my kayak, quietly gazing at the subdued land and seascape. The sky was grey, the water was flat, the wind was absent.

The heavy skies and occasional drizzle didn’t bother me. It was all just part of the moody ambience of the Pacific Northwest.

I was midway through a three-day visit to San Juan Island in Washington State. The San Juan Islands — which include San Juan, Orcas and Lopez Islands, among others — are an archipelago just an hour and half drive plus an hour’s ferry ride from Seattle.

There are few destinations where getting there is part of the attraction.

drive onto the ferry, leave your car, walk up to one of the decks and plop down on a plush banquette to watch the scenery glide by as the ferry wends its way among tree-covered islands to your destination.


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"How a Woman’s Unique Background Gave Rise to a Powerful Pain Management Product"

Every day for 15 years, Stacy Cason treated patients suffering from various medical issues, many of whom dealt with chronic pain.

“They were hurting, and often, the end result of that was turning to opioids,” Stacy said.

As an anesthesiology nurse practitioner, Stacy witnessed firsthand the rise of the opioid pandemic in the United States.

The U.S. makes up just 4.4% of the world’s population but consumes more than 80% of the world’s opioids.

And it was witnessing that crisis and the devastating impacts on patients and their families that ultimately led Stacy to found her company--Planetarie, the world's first ever USDA-certified organic CBDa manufacturer and distributor.

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Visit: https://planetarie.com/

"Discover 100 Ways
To Live To 100"

--Tanner Garrity
Senior Editor, InsideHook

At this point, we’re all familiar with the trope. A local news station visits a retirement home to celebrate Muriel’s 106th birthday.

She’s deaf or blind or both or neither, sitting in a wheelchair in the “good spot” next to the TV set and a reporter asks her her secret.

You’ve lived through both World Wars?! How’d you do it? Then Muriel gets to flash a mischievous grin and tells us she smoked a pack a day for 50 years.

Interacting with centenarians in this way has long made them seem like circus oddities. It trivializes the concept of lifespan and longevity, reducing the science to a throw-your-hands-in-the-hair “Who the hell knows!”

It reinforces the idea that our time on this planet isn’t necessarily unde
r our control. If my dad had a stroke and his dad had a stroke then one’s probably coming for me too, right?

If I make it to 80, or — God forbid — 90, I’ve just beaten the odds. Right? Not exactly.

Since the mid-1990s, in fact, following the infamous Danish twins study, researchers have understood longevity to be “only moderately heritable.” For a while, this spawned estimates that genetics accounted for somewhere between 20 and 30% of one’s longevity.

More recently, scientists have concluded that the true heritability of human longevity at birth is closer to just 7%.

Where does that o
ther 93% come from? Your lifestyle.


Reverse Mortgage

Need Extra Money?
--Marilyn Brown Ross, Open Mortgage

With over 15 year’s experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can help answer your questions about reverse mortgages."

Q: Will the bank own my house?

A: The bank does not take ownership of your Home. They simply extend a loan.

To learn if a reverse mortgage is right for you, call 408.722.0010.

OpenMortgage.com/Marilyn-Brown Ross

Ask Larry
--Larry Hayes, A050 Publisher

“The Market Is Killing Me!
Time To Get Out?"

--Jim, San Jose, CA

The old adage “what goes up, comes down” holds true for the stock market.

During the 2008 Great Recession, the Dow dropped to 6,469 and the Nasdaq to 1,299.

Fast forward to July 22, 2022--the Dow closed at 32,005; Nasdaq--11,866 so, if you had stayed in the market in 2008, you would have made out like a bandit today.

If you’re in the market now, my wife’s advice is to ride it out. She’s a former stockbroker so, I listen to her advice.
• Don’t be afraid of a bear market

• Stay in the market but diversify

• Never put all your eggs in one basket

• Always keep some money in CDs and savings

• Think long term. The market always rebounds

Why Are Medicare Annual Wellness Exams So Important?

A physical will include a series of standard blood tests and a thorough physical exam.

An annual wellness visit can be many things, however, for a Medicare beneficiary, it is defined
as yearly visit which focuses on preventing you from becoming ill as well as keeping you healthy and out of the hospital.

Here are a few reasons why your Annual Wellness Exam is so important:

You get to talk to your doctor
A wellness exam gives you the opportunity to have extended time with your doctor. You can talk about any health issues you’ve noticed lately and ask how to handle health issues that may crop up due to lifestyle changes.

You can get needed referrals
If your doctor notices any changes or issues during your wellness exam, they can refer you to whatever specialists are necessary for further testing or treatments.

You can build a healthier lifestyle
You can talk to your doctor about your lifestyle habits and choices, including your diet and eating habits, activity levels, stress levels and sleep habits.

For more information, visit the doctors of Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, CA. Call 888.988.8682 or visit pmgmd.com.

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"Social Insecurity"
--John Donaghue

“Social Insecurity” is a new, funny book for anyone who plans on getting old someday.

Charming, witty, crazy, offbeat, happy comics by John Donaghue, award-winning art director and creator of Under Cardiac Arrest comics that appear regularly in The Scoop.

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Expect The Unexpected
--Evelyn (Evie) Preston

All things change! Expect the unexpected. Both share my mantra for seniors–and investors.

Nothing stays static. Rules, laws
and practices long considered to be chiseled in stone may be wiped out in one vote.

Whether positive or negative, change is in the eye of the affected.


Independent Senior Living
Starting $3,000 Monthly

Senior living doesn’t get any better than Chateau-Cupertino in Cupertino, CA.

Enjoy a home-like environment in your own apartment with three fresh served home-style meals daily starting at $3,000 per month.

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Don't Be Shy.
Ask For A Senior Discount!

Taking advantage of senior citizen discounts may reduce your retirement costs and free up funds for other activities.

Here's a partial list.
• Denny’s and IHOP offer a 55-plus menu with discounted prices

• Amazon Prime offers a discounted membership to those with a Medicaid card

• Kohl’s offers a senior discount of 15% every Wednesday

• Marriott offers a 15% discount or more to those 62 and older on stays at participating locations

• Best Western gives older Americans 15% off when booking reservations

• Amtrak offers 10% off on most rail fares for older Americans

For a complete list, go to:

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"Don't Let the Old Man In"
--Clint Eastwood & Toby Keith

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