"Do Dogs Get Depressed?"

Here Why And What You Can Do

By Kimberly Blaker

As most dog owners will attest, dogs do feel a range of emotions.

They may not experience sadness quite the same as humans because dogs lack self-consciousness.

Nonetheless, dogs can experience sadness or get depressed for a variety of other reasons.

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Why Work With a
Senior Real Estate
Certified Realtor?”

--Mercedes Roses

A Senior Certified Realtor works with Seniors and their families in determining their housing needs and guiding them as they navigate through the home sale process. 

If you are thinking about selling your home and asking yourself, "where do I start?" Or, if you are looking forward to downsizing and no longer wanting to maintain a home due to cost or the constant upkeep, a Senior Real Estate Certified Realtor can help.

Feel free to call me today if you have any questions or would like a no obligation consultation a
nd Property Valuation. I can help! Call 650.766.3910.
Email: [email protected]

CA Prop 13
"Going. Going. Gone!"

--Evelyn (Evie) Preston

Thanks to the South Bay’s “Next Door” community for practically writing this month’s most important column on the pending Recall Initiative of the November 2020 ballot’s Prop. 19, that some have dubbed the “Death Tax Act."

Why did seniors vote for Prop.19 if it’s so bad for them?


Chronic Pain Relief
"How a Woman’s Unique Background Gave Rise to a Powerful Pain Management Product"

Every day for 15 years, Stacy Cason treated patients suffering from various medical issues, many of whom dealt with chronic pain.

“They were hurting, and often, the end result of that was turning to opioids,” Stacy said.

As an anesthesiology nurse practitioner, Stacy witnessed firsthand the rise of the opioid pandemic in the United States.

The U.S. makes up just 4.4% of the world’s population but consumes more than 80% of the world’s opioids.

And it was witnessing that crisis and the devastating impacts on patients and their families that ultimately led Stacy to found her company--Planetarie, the world's first ever USDA-certified organic CBDa manufacturer and distributor.

Watch Video

Visit: https://planetarie.com/

"A Cautionary Tale"
--I.G. Powell

"Negotiating The Medical And Legal Establishments Will Wear You Down Like The Sun Melts A Block Of Ice On A 100 Degree Day" 

The experiences in the following narrative are my own personal ones. Hopefully, you will be more prepared than I was.

A perfect storm of circumstances put me in a most precarious situation. The death of my mother-in-law, a brother-in-law and husband in less than three years catapulted me to position of personal representative for the brother–in-law and my husband.

Who knew that the death of a woman almost 99 years old would set off a chain of events that could be so fraught with tension and so costly?


Reverse Mortgages

Need Extra Cash?
--Marilyn Brown Ross, Open Mortgage

With over 15 year’s experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can help answer your questions about reverse mortgages."

Q: Will the bank own my house?

A: The bank does not take ownership of your Home. They simply extend a loan.

To learn if a reverse mortgage is right for you, call 408.722.0010.

OpenMortgage.com/Marilyn-Brown Ross


Ask Larry
--Larry Hayes, A050 Publisher
By Alice Robertson

“My Doctor Treats Me Like I’m Stupid And Ready To Kick The Bucket"
--Sally, 90, San Jose, CA

A: Some of my older friends often complain that their doctors don’t really listen to them because the belief that older people aren’t resilient and won’t recover from illness.

In other words, “not long for this world” so, why bother with treatment.

Rubbish. Smacks of ageism.

If you feel that your doctor doesn’t treat you as a real person, find another doctor. Personally, I have not--knowingly--experienced ageism in healthcare but know that it exists.

Seeking Mental Help

Seniors who live at home have had, like many others, an unusually difficult couple of years with regard to their mental health.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic downturn have left many feeling anxious, depressed or unusually stressed.

However, as a result of the negative stigma placed on mental health issues, seniors are less likely to reach out for help. Even so, nearly half of seniors reported that the pandemic had a negative effect on their mental health.

That’s why there has perhaps never been a more apt time to commemorate Mental Health Month.

For more information, visit the doctors of Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, CA. Call 888.988.8682 or visit pmgmd.com.

Ideal Gift!
"Social Insecurity"
--John Donaghue

“Social Insecurity” is a new, funny book for anyone who plans on getting old someday.

Charming, witty, crazy, offbeat, happy comics by John Donaghue, award-winning art director and creator of Under Cardiac Arrest comics that appear regularly in The Scoop.

Perfect gift for friends and family. Order
Click Here

Be There "In-Person"
A "Must-Do" During A
Health Crisis
--Evelyn (Evie) Preston, The Money Lady

Like many seniors, my later years encompassed caregiving— my husband at home and my brother across country.

In both cases, I have amazing anecdotes proving the power of advocacy with doctors, hospitals and other services—a gift to loved ones.

I also cheer the personal and efficient end of life hospice care each received—a gift to everyone.

“Being there” in person is a must-do during healthcare contingencies.


Independent Senior Living
Starting $3,000 Monthly

Senior living doesn’t get any better than Chateau-Cupertino in Cupertino, CA.

Enjoy a home-like environment in your own apartment with three fresh served home-style meals daily starting at $3,000 per month.

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Ageism Sucks!
Bad For People.
Bad For Business

-Ken Dychtwald, CEO Age Wave

Due to America’s obsession with youth – ironically formulated and solidified when Boomers were young – most product and service developers and marketers direct most of their attention to Millennials and Gen Zers.

But those cohorts are predominantly broke, time-constrained and only marginally loyal to products and services.

Focusing on the historically “sought-after youth market” is a costly mistake when today’s older men and women now have considerable wealth, time and interests to satisfy.

To learn about Age Wave, go to: agewave.com.

Must See Video

"Don't Let the Old Man In"
--Clint Eastwood & Toby Keith

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