"How I Survived a
Traumatic Brain Injury"
By Bill Moniz

Playing tennis, I fell backwards hitting my head and everything went black. I couldn't move or talk for several minutes.
Two paramedics from the fire department helped me to stay awake and then the ambulance came and carried me away for what seemed like a forever two mile ride to the nearest hospital.

Who Wants To Go Lawn Bowling?
By Larry Hayes,
A050 publisher

An Ideal Outdoor Social Sport for Seniors

As many of you know, I love playing USTA tennis and have for 30+ years as player and captain.

When my wife Gloria approached me about “lawn bowling,” my immediate reaction was "no way."

I thought it was a slow, boring, ancient game played in England by older folks dressed in all “white."
I was wrong.


"Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is"
By Karen Zamel

I’ve always considered myself a rescue person–formally or informally.

From a young age, I brought home stray kittens to an allergic mom.

From the moment I got married and had a house, we adopted cats from rescues.

When my crazy career made way for a personal life, I went to an animal welfare conference to learn how I could help save lives and connect with a local organization.

As a result, I became involved with San Jose Animal Advocates and Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP).


Long Term Care Insurance

"Dealing With The Claims Process & Rate Increases"
By Hans Hug

Long Term Care Insurance is a unique product with a claims process unlike any other Insurance.

In addition to that, due to often extreme premium volatility, keeping what you bought can certainly be a problem as double-digit rate increases have been the norm for quite some time.

To help
consumers effectively understand and navigate both of these topics, I have committed my 26 years of LTC Insurance experience to paper and have written comprehensive guides.

Both available through my website for one price--$48 for 7 documents.


What Are The "Seven New Types" Of Old Age?

Which One Are You?
By Shane Watson,
The Telegraph

This month's reminder that age is not what it used to be comes courtesy of Mary Jane Farquharson who was filmed dancing at a gig in Birmingham given by New York rapper 50 Cent.

The video of the 64 year old fan, who has white hair and spectacles, was shared by the rapper with his 12 million followers along with the words ‘the coolest person at my show tonight by far’ and has since been viewed thousands of

So at the risk of upsetting older readers (whatever that means) here are the Seven New Ages of Old.

Bank Scams

Ask Larry

By Larry Hayes,
A050 publisher

While waiting in line at a local bank, I couldn't help but overhear the elderly woman in front of me.

"I want to withdraw $18,000 in cash. Going on vacation."

Immediately, "red flags" arose from the banker. And me. Was this woman a victim of a senior scam? 

The good news is that bankers receive training about spotting and stopping elder bank scams.

They are told to look for signs of coercion and immediately began asking quetions.


"Shooting For 100!"
By Evelyn Preston,
Money Lady

I found a new doctor recently who gave me a check-up and a warranty—good to age 100!

That’s a vote of confidence in my health regimen (and genes) and a spur to do even better as I age.

I plan to go the distance. The power of possibility driven home by a magic number!

Some other numbers may be tongue in cheek but still contain a lot of positive reinforcement for seniors.


Health Tips for Your Feet

This is a reminder that taking care of our feet is crucial.

There are several problems that may impact our feet throughout our life.

It's important to try to protect our feet and keep them healthy.

It's also important to check our feet regularly to ensure they have no injuries.

To learn more, call 888.988.8682 or visit pmgmd.com.

Save Monarchs.
Plant Milkweed

Moms Helping Monarch Butterflies
To Survive

By Bill Moniz

Two Los Altos California next door neighbors, Judy Moniz and LaRita Desimpel, have joined forces in providing a welcoming habitat for the endangered Monarch butterfly.

Last year they began growing several types of milkweed plants, the only food that Monarch caterpillars can eat which produced a humble 40-50 successfully hatched chrysalises.

This year they have successfully hatched and released nearly 125 butterflies so far and expect, provided the food supply lasts, (the caterpillars eat day and night and can go through multiple branches of milkweed everyday), to release another 50-75 apiece.

Their success has encouraged neighbors Jeff and Lisa Blanchard to plan on planting milkweed next year.


Time Does Not Stand Still

Life is a task that we do ourselves every day.

When you look... it's already six in the afternoon; when you look...it's already Friday.

When one looks...the month is over; when one looks...the year is over; when one looks...50, 60, 70 and 80 years have passed!

When you look...we no longer know where our friends are. When you look...we lost the love of our life and now, it's too late to go back.

Do not stop doing something you like due to lack of time.

--Author unknown


Independent Senior Living
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Don't Forget To Ask For a Senior Discount!

You're leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of senior discounts. Just ask! You can save up to 20%.
Partial list
• Denny’s and IHOP offer a 55-plus menu with discounted prices

• Kohl’s offers a senior discount
of 15% every Wednesday

• Marriott offers a 15% discount or more to those 62 and older on stays at participating locations

• Best Western gives older Americans 15% off when booking reservations

For a complete list, go to:

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