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Got a question about healthcare, housing, money, travel? Or anything for that matter. Publisher Larry W. Hayes will share “30+ years of wisdom.”

During the past 12 years as owner/publisher of ActiveOver50 media, I’ve been asked dozens of questions about a host of things, including housing, healthcare, money, transportation, travel, starting a business, singles clubs —you name it.

Although I don’t claim to be an expert on all of these topics, I do know a little about some things. Or know someone who does.

That’s what this column is all about. Email me your questions on any topic…ASKLARRY@activeover50.com… and I’ll answer them the best I can. The best ones may appear in this column. Read More

"Whom To Trust?"

Q: I have some extra money to invest but wary of so called financial experts. I remember 2008 when the market collapsed and our nation was on the brink of a financial meltdown because of greedy investment bankers. Whom to trust today?—B.W, San Jose, CA.

A: Many people forget that only nine years ago our nation experienced the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Housing prices fell 31.8 percent with unemployment above 9 percent. It was scary then and it could happen again even though our economy has bounced back. Read More.

Got a question?

Ask me anything—email: ASKLARRY@activeover50.com. Or call 408.921.5806.