Issue 29, January 2015

Issue 29, January 2015

The Old Man and the Sea Lion

By Paul Rockwell, 76

A friend warns me. “Think about it, man. Winds, currents, the potential
for hypothermia. You’re just too old to go fishing for salmon from a float
tube out in Carquinez Strait.” (San Francisco Bay)

It’s true that 14 inland tributaries of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers surge past the Benicia State Recreation Area, off Dillon Point where I intend to fish this morning.

The narrow passage between San Pablo Bay and the Delta is 120 feet deep, and migrating salmon follow the currents and swim into Southampton Bay to rest before they resume their inexorable journey to their natal streams far up the Sacramento.

But I’m not convinced by warnings from my friends. The tall hills in the west act as a windbreak. And hell, I’m only 76. My arthritis is much worse in bed. And my cardiologist says that omega-3 in salmon is good for my arteries. I know one thing: my friends don’t complain when I serve them fresh broiled salmon covered with mango sauce.

It is still dark at Carquinez Strait as snails with headlights move slowly across the trellised bridge. I'm wearing waders, standing next to my float tube in two feet of water on the east shoreline of Southampton Bay. There’s a light fog bank west of the bridge but the Bay itself this autumn morning is calm and clear.
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