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Issue 47, June 2017

Adventure Travel Club

for Boomers & Seniors


Issue 1 August 2017


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Welcome to the first A050 Adventure Travel Club newsletter!

We published 101 adventure trips and vacations exclusively for boomers and seniors in this year’s A050 Adventure Travel Guide. (Visit:

Many readers asked us to form an Adventure Travel Club which we’re launching with this newsletter.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with adventure trips and vacations of widely duration, cost, activity and kind from all over the world including trips for women and solo travelers.

Best of all, this travel newsletter is free—current and useful information, travel tips and special offers to help you decide “Where In The World” to go on your next adventure. Happy Travels and let me know what you’d like to see in future issues.

Where In The World?



Exciting Fall Adventures


“Argentina & Chile Full Patagonia”

On this 15-day trip, trekkers will experience some of the world’s great natural wonders, including Tierra del Fuego, Torres del Paine National Park and the Straits of Magellan. Info:  
Special 5% discount for A050 readers.


South Africa

Fly south this fall to South Africa when spring flowers are in bloom and travelers can easily see wildlife congregating around waterholes in Greater Kruger National Park on Wildland Adventures’ “Cape to Kruger Safari” or “Luxury South Africa Safari” celebrating the cuisines, wine and wildlife of southern Africa. Info:
Special 10% discount for A050 readers.



Belize - Paradise Islands

Enjoy a Kayak, snorkel and stand up paddleboard journey on the Belize Barrier Reef. Ideal for those seeking a guided adventure combined with the comforts of island lodges.  ActiveOver50 Exclusive offer: Now save $100 (Nov 15- Dec 15).  For details go to or call 1-800-667-1630.



Rick Steves
Travel Adventure Show

Feb 17-18, 2018
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA



“How To Survive A 14-hour Plane Ride”—Ask Larry


My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Australia—a 7,416 mile long haul one way. Some things we learned:

  • Calm your mind and chill out. Prepare yourself mentally and remind yourself not to “stress out” during the long haul.
  • Bring a book, magazines, iPod, laptop—whatever—to kill some time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a sweater. Kick off your shoes and put on heavy socks.
  • Get up, stretch and move around the cabin. Leg blood clots can happen to older travelers.
  • Get an aisle seat. Avoid the middle seat. Some people like my wife prefer the window seat but harder to get up and about.
  • Bring your own water bottle and snacks. Drink lots of water and don’t overeat eat or drink alcohol.
  • Take the late night flight from SFO so you’ll arrive in Sydney in the morning—Aussie time. Stay awake all day and take a long outdoors walk. Go to bed Aussie time.
  • On long haul trips—the destination is the journey.


“Adventures Off The Beaten Track” with Award-winning travel writer Don Mankin

Check out his latest adventure “Whales, Walruses & Polar Bears In The Russian Far East.” Read More


John Donaghue is the creator of “Under Cardiac Arrest” comics. Living in San Fransico, he is “Active and Well Over 50.” To see more comics, go to



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