Issue 26, November 2014

Issue 26, November 2014

FREE Elder Abuse Workshop

Sponsored by ActiveOver50

Presented by
Derryl Molina,
Elder Law Attorney &
Greg Hartwell, Homecare California

Thursday, November 13, 2014
9am to 11am
11425 W. Winchester Blvd., San Jose

Elder abuse is a serious problem because persons over 65 often live in fear that they will be abandoned, injured, neglected, yelled at or hurt if they reveal their situation. The workshop will cover:

  • What is elder abuse?
  • Who is likely to experience elder abuse?
  • Types of elder abuse
  • Why is it so prevalent
  • 10 scams to watch out for
  • How to protect yourself and loved ones
  • Guidelines for seeking help

Continental breakfast served.

Seating is limited. Reserve today.
For more information and to RSVP,
call 408.244.4992*

* First five people who call and attend the Elder Abuse Workshop receive a FREE annual subscription to ActiveOver50 magazine.

Help Wanted

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Need Extra Money?

Sell advertising for ActiveOver50, the #1 boomer and senior media company in the San Francisco Bay Area reaching over 200,000 readers in print and online.

  • High commissions
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ActiveOver50 is a ten year old San Francisco Bay Area media company. Not a franchise, we are local and family owned. To learn more, email your cover letter and resume to: Larry@ActiveOver50.com.

ActiveOver50 Workshops

San Francisco Bay Area

ActiveOver50 is sponsoring a series of informative workshops for boomers and seniors on a host of topics including healthcare, money, housing, retirement, insurance, estate planning, elder abuse, travel and career transition.

If you’d like to partner and/or host a workshop with ActiveOver50, please email publisher Larry W. Hayes: larry@activeover50.com
Call 408.921.5806.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and encourage boomers and seniors to enjoy a healthier, longer and more active lifestyle. To learn more, go to ActiveOver50.com.



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