Issue 24, July 2014

Issue 24, July 2014

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Successful Aging Celebration
Avenidas, Palo Alto, CA
Saturday, August 16
9:30am to 1:30pm
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
795 El Camino Real
Palo Alto
Info: 650.289.5400

Silicon Valley
Positive Aging Forum
September 30, 2014
9:30am to 4pm
Quinlan Center
Cupertino, CA

Life@50+ National Event
September 4-6, 2014
San Diego, CA
Info: aarp.org

The Sage Centers
Berkeley, CA
Re-inventing lives for the over 50. Workshops, training, coaching.
Info: Judith Rosenberg
Call 510.225.9657

Coming of Age:
Bay Area San Francisco, CA
Resources for People 50+
Explore your future
workshops; community
volunteering, staying active
Info: ComingofAge.org/bayarea
Call 415.474.7787


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Dr. Bill Thomas, 54, Elderhood Ambassador.
Named by the Wall Street Journal as a “top 12 innovator” changing aging and retirement in the 21st century. He and his wife Judith co-founded The Eden Alternative, a global nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of elders, caregivers and de-institutionalizing nursing homes.

Instead of “defying or fighting” growing older, he embraces aging and a life beyond adulthood called Elderhood. “Life after 50 should be the richest, deepest and most meaningful phase of life,” says Thomas.

In his recent book, “Second Wind,” he encourages boomers and seniors to choose a slower and more balanced life. Moving from Adulthood to Elderhood is a positive, healthy thing. ChangingAging.org


ASK LARRY About “Senior Discounts” Most businesses and services offer senior discount but most won’t tell you. You have to ask! Check this partial list of discounts in your area.

"Your Brain is a Muscle. Use It or Lose It"by Walter M. Bortz, II, MD. The human body is made to last 100 years. Will you make it?

"How I Stay Fit at 80"Bill Kaspari, 80, retired engineer, runs track meets to stay active.

"Low Back Pain: A Modern Epidemic" Dr. Chuck Fulanovich’s back treatment avoids surgery and drugs.

"Overcoming Addiction" Dr. Herby Bell is living proof that you can overcome addiction and enjoy a clean, productive and joyful life.


"Heirs and Errors"Evelyn Preston, Money Lady. Plan on leaving your kids a pile of money? Seek financial advice.


"Tech Solutions for Boomers and Seniors"Katy Kike, co-founder, Aging2.0. Exciting new products available now to help people live
independently longer and safer.

"Record Your Life Stories"Ryan Cabell Gragg. Mother and son create archive to help others preserve and share their unique stories and legacies.


"She Turns Down Date at 102"Clara Solomon may be 102 but she still attracts the guys and recently turned down a date from a gentleman in his 80s.

"Retire? Are You Kidding?"Larry W. Hayes 74, publisher of ActiveOver50, has no plans to retire soon. “Having too much fun,” he says.


"Namibia. Raw and Wild"award-winning, travel writer Don Mankin
stares down a tiger in Namibia, South Africa and lives to tell about it.



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ActiveOver50 Workshops

San Francisco Bay Area

Starting in September, ActiveOver50 media will sponsor a series of informative workshops for boomers and seniors on healthcare, money, housing, technology, jobs and retirement.

If you’d like to partner and/or host a workshop with ActiveOver50, please email publisher Larry W. Hayes: larry@activeover50.com
Call 408.921.5806.


Our mission is to inspire and encourage boomers and seniors to enjoy a healthier, longer and more active lifestyle. To learn more, go to ActiveOver50.com.



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