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Issue 53 August 2018

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Issue 54, October 2018


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"Don't Be Afraid of Growing Old"

It's Normal and Not All bad

—Larry Hayes, A050 CEO/Publisher

Stanford professor Dr. Anne Friedlander interviews A050 publisher Larry Hayes about the "myths of aging" on the Stanford campus.

Learn why Larry believes playing tennis keeps him healthy, active and ALIVE. Listen to the revealing interview.



"Is It Time To Move?"

In the latest issue of A050, we feature over 100 senior living communities in the San Francisco Bay Area including Adult 55+ homes, CCRCs, Independent, Assisted Living and More. Find your perfect home.


Starting at $3,000 with three meals

Beautiful, ideal location.

Info: 408.446.4300



Looking For a New Adventure?

Top 5 Trips

  • Mahout Training In Northern Thailand
  • Tracking Moose and Mousee on the Canadian Gaspe Peninsula
  • On the River to Angel Falls In SE Venezuela
  • Whisky, Walking, Wildlife and More In Cairngorm NP, Scotland
  • Off Road In Montenegro

A Place to call Home

Find a community near you.

Get vacation ideas and tips from Don Mankin, the Adventure Geezer and award-winning travel writer and author. Read Mankin's Top 5 "Adventures Off the Beaten Track." FREE downloads. Email:





SASCC Health Fair
Saturday, November 3
West Valley College
Saratoga, CA

Senior Showcase Information Fair
Friday, November 9
Foster City, CA Rec Center
Info: 650.286.3380


Avenidas Caregiver Conference
Saturday, November 10
Mitchell Park Center
3700 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA
Info: 650.289.5445

Aging2.0 Optimize Conference
November 14-15, 2018
San Francisco



Don't miss the Fall issue of A050

"Better With Age.
The Psychology of Successful Aging" by Dr. Alan Castel


We're used to the myths of old age. Life is dreary. You're washed up. Put a fork in you, depressed, feeble, etc.

Turns out there are some real positives about aging for many healthy, older adults including contentment, life satisfaction, self worth and happiness. Dr. Castel dispels the myths of old age and reveals the latest scientific research about the psychology of aging.

Learn about successful aging in the upcoming "Health & Innvovation" Fall issue of AO50. Visit