Issue 50, January 2018

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Issue 50, January 2018


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How “Money Smart” Are You?

—Evelyn Preston, The Money Lady

What is the earliest age for non-penalty withdrawal of funds for most retirees? Take our money quiz to find out. Read More


Hooked On Fishing!

Commercial fishing is a sport dominated by men and considered one of the most dangerous jobs. How did “Baja Bev“ Seltzer, one of the top Pacific coast anglers, break into the business? Read More



“Do I Really Need An Annual Physical?”

—Ask Larry

“My annual physical takes maybe 15 minutes and seems like a waste of my time and my doctor's. Is it really necessary?“ Read More


Enjoy a Fun, Family Adventure On the Colorado Green River

—Don Mankin, Adventures Off the Beaten Track

“It's trips like this that make me realize that one of the risks of growing old is being cut off from youth.“ Read More



Fashion After 60

—Lee Child, 62, author

What motivates best selling author Lee Childs to keep cranking out the popular Jack Reacher novels? Read More


Starting at $3,000 with three meals

Info: MarieLouise@chateau-cupertino.com



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Healthy Aging
Education Day

March 23, 2018
Foster City Rotary
Foster City, CA
Info: fostercityrotary.org

American Society On
Aging Conference

March 26-29, 2018
San Francisco
Info: asaging.org/aging-in-america


What’s Next Boomer
Business Summit

Mary Furlong & Associates
March 28, 2018
Parc 55, San Francisco
Info: maryfurlong.com

ICAA Conference
October 18-20
Long Beach, CA
Info: www.icaa.cc/conferenceandevents/overview.htm



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